Frequently Asked Questions

We have categorized our most frequently asked questions into the following sections for your convenience. If you have additional questions or need more information about your issue, please contact us for a free case evaluation.

General FAQs About the Lawsuit Process

How does a lawsuit work?

Often clients have many questions about how the legal process works. The following chronology explains how a lawsuit may typically work, although many factors may affect this timeline. Keep in mind that the process often varies from case to case depending on the number of parties, factual issues, legal issues and the overall complexity of the matter.

Employment Law FAQs 

Wage, Overtime & Commissions Theft FAQs 

Sexual Harassment FAQs 

Disability and Medical Leave FAQs 

Discrimination and Harassment FAQs 

Wrongful Termination FAQs 

Whistleblower & Retaliation FAQs 

Pregnancy Discrimination FAQs 

Class Action FAQs 

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Disability Discrimination FAQs