How can a lawyer help me with my wrongful termination claim?



How can a lawyer help me with my wrongful termination claim?

Employment termination is usually a traumatic experience, affecting not only your finances but your daily routine, personal connections and a sense of purpose. Being wrongfully terminated adds the extra sense of unfairness and violation to an already difficult situation. Most people feel alone and overwhelmed by an employer that seems to have all of the power and resources on its side. Cut off from your email, files and coworkers; how can you prove your case and obtain justice? 

A skilled employment attorney can even up the odds and get just compensation. Moreover, an attorney can take on the considerable work that is required to take on your employer, leaving you time to take care of finding new work and getting your life back on track.

Filing a successful wrongful termination claim requires a thorough knowledge of federal and California employment laws that protect employees from employers’ illegal actions. While a timely complaint to a government agency like the EEOC or DFEH is required for discrimination or harassment cases, those agencies, unfortunately, do not have the resources to investigate most termination reports they receive. A skilled employment lawyer can answer all your questions and help you understand your rights so that you are not navigating the legal process on your own.

The attorney will evaluate the strength of your claim and determine the damages you may be able to recover. Along with investigating your situation, the law firm will gather the necessary evidence, documents and witnesses to build your case. 

While your employer may possess most of the information showing that you performed your job well and the supposed reasons for terminating your employment were false, an employment lawyer has the authority to make your employer turn over all of the documents and information no longer available to you. If your employer fails to do so, your attorney will go to court get an order requiring your employer to comply. Your attorney can also make your boss, HR representative and other key witnesses sit and answer questions about your termination while examining the evidence to punch holes in their story.

With a knowledgeable employment lawyer in your corner, you will have someone protecting your interests no matter what. If a fair settlement is not possible, your wrongful termination lawsuit will be taken to trial. The attorney will know how to fight back when your employer and their legal team use various tactics to win the case.

The McCormack Law Firm has successfully gone up against the largest employers in the nation and even government agencies to get justice for our clients. Hiring legal representation can significantly increase your chances of receiving compensation and holding your employer accountable in a wrongful termination lawsuit. Contact the San Francisco employment lawyers at McCormack Law Firm to learn more about how we can help if you have been illegally fired from your job.

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