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Under both California and federal law, workers are entitled to a safe workplace that is free of wage theft, discrimination, harassment or other wrongdoing. Unfortunately, not all employees are treated fairly. McCormack Law Firm is committed to fighting injustices that occur on the job and holding employers accountable for labor violations. We handle a broad range of employment law cases including wrongful termination, overtime and unpaid wages, disability, medical leave and sexual harassment.

Our employment lawyers understand the helplessness that workers may feel when employers ignore their legal rights. It can be difficult to speak out due to fear of retaliation. McCormack Law Firm provides legal representation to individual employees along with taking on class-action lawsuits against multinational corporations. We listen to your goals, work hard to recover the damages you are owed, and put an end to your employer’s illegal practices. Let us do the work, while you move forward with your life.

Our employment lawyers are with you every step of the way. We will get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment can take many forms, including language, unwanted advances, or physical contact.


Wage & Hour Violations

You deserve timely payment of all commissions and wages, and California law requires it.


Wrongful Termination

It is unlawful for your employer to fire you for an illegal discriminatory or retaliatory reason.


Disability Discrimination

Employers cannot discriminate against an employee on the basis of that person's disability.


Medical Leave

You can take leave for a serious medical condition, or to care for a sick parent, child or spouse.


Having a knowledgeable employment law attorney by your side can make all the difference to your case.

When you go up against your employer, your best chance of succeeding is choosing the right employment law firm to represent you.

Many clients feel overwhelmed by the legal process. You are not alone. We are here to guide you through every step and listen to your concerns. Not only does McCormack Law Firm have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the desired outcome in an employment law case, but we also have lawyers who will treat you with compassion and respect. We have your best interests at heart.


We give employees like you the best chance of winning your case.


We fight for the rights of employees wronged in the workplace.


No Fee Unless You Win.


Your first consultation is always free.

Our results speak for themselves


Wrongful Termination and Whistleblower Case



Racial discrimination and wrongful termination at a factory



Unpaid overtime and misclassification of sales employees


Our mission

At McCormack Law Firm, we recognize that unlawful conduct on the job can turn your life upside down. When you hire us, our employment lawyers listen to your side of the story, empower you with an understanding of your legal rights and focus on securing your livelihood. We fight on your behalf to achieve the desired outcome. 

Our Mission: Protecting Employees

Meet Bryan McCormack

"The best part of my work is helping employees who have been treated unfairly obtain justice."

He believes that representing people who are treated unfairly in the workplace is the best way to make a positive difference in their lives. He fights to give employees an advantage and tip the balance of power in workers’ favor so they can successfully take on powerful employers.


The law is on your side and so are we.

McCormack Law Firm is equipped to provide workers with legal representation in all types of employment law cases. Your background, job title or income level do not affect the strength of your case. Our employment law attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the law and the skills necessary to get a successful resolution.




Getting unlawfully fired from your job is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through.



It is unlawful for your employer to terminate you for an illegal discriminatory or retaliatory reason-such as because of your race or national origin, disability or medical condition, sex, age, or certain other traits. It is also unlawful for your employer to fire you for complaining about unpaid wages, discrimination, harassment, or that your employer violated a law ("whistleblowing").

If you were fired from your job, there are many factors to consider when determining whether the termination was unlawful or not. The employment lawyers at McCormack Law Firm are committed to helping wrongfully terminated workers get the compensation they are owed. We will assess your case and find out if you have the legal grounds for a wrongful termination claim.







You deserve timely payment of all wages and commissions, and California law requires it.



Even if your employer pays you a salary, says you are “exempt” or an “independent contractor,” you may be eligible for overtime pay. It is best to call an attorney if you have any doubt. Workers in some very high-paying professional jobs like sales or IT may be entitled to overtime pay.

You should also check with an attorney if your employer withholds sales commissions or changes your commission plan without approval. Our lawyers can determine what you are owed and recover your unpaid wages, overtime or commissions.







Subjecting an employee to sexual harassment on the job is never acceptable.



McCormack Law Firm strongly believes in taking a stand against sexual harassment at work. There are many different ways an employee may experience sexual harassment. Some common examples of sexually harassing behaviors are comments about someone’s appearance, lewd jokes, unwelcome sexual advances, the offer of a promotion in exchange for sexual favors and physical touching.

California law protects employees from retaliation for filing complaints about work-related sexual harassment. Employers have a responsibility to immediately investigate any reported incidents and stop the misconduct.




Sometimes an employer’s unlawful employment policy harms a large group of employees.

When this happens, banding together as a class can protect employees, as their combined claims give better negotiating leverage than any one person alone. Some cases may involve hundreds, even thousands, of workers who have suffered the same workplace violations.

McCormack Law Firm is experienced in skillfully handling class actions that involve issues of misclassification of independent contractors, unpaid overtime, missed meal and rest breaks, off-the-clock work, and many other employment law issues. Class-action lawsuits can often be complex. Our resourceful employment law attorneys know how to recover compensation for our clients and force employers to end their illegal labor practices.





If you have been wrongfully terminated for having a disability or taking medical leave, you should reach out to us.





California law requires employers with at least five employees to seek an “accommodation” that will help disabled employees keep working. Where an accommodation is possible, the employer may not fire the employee because of the disability.

The Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected medical leave per year. Even if you need more than twelve weeks your employer may be required to give you that leave as an accommodation.

McCormack Law Firm has extensive experience defending employees who have been fired for a disability or taking medical leave. We will fight to help you receive justice and compensation.









Discriminating against a worker based on a protected trait such as their race or sex is illegal.





California and federal laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on protected characteristics including disability, sex, race, national origin, age and others. Employees who are discriminated against by their coworkers, supervisors or bosses may have a strong legal case if the discrimination is serious, happens often, and the employer does not take action to stop it.





What you can expect when you hire us


Hiring a law firm to represent you in your employment law case is no small decision. We know you have options. When you choose McCormack Law Firm, you can be sure that we have your best interests at heart. Our guarantee: you will receive personalized service every step of the way.


Whether you wish to pursue an early settlement, or go to trial, we will design a legal strategy to meet your goals.


The most important thing you can do, especially after wrongful termination, is to move forward with your life. While you need to be involved in the case, we can handle all the difficult legal work. We will also use technology, automation and other internet tools to make the process as easy for you as possible.


When you place your trust in us, we do not take it lightly. Many large law firms use a cookie-cutter approach to representing clients. Not us. What makes McCormack Law Firm different is the personal touch we provide to all of our clients. Our employment lawyers work directly with clients and guide them through the different phases of the legal process.

Client testimonials

This law firm was the only one to answer the phone out of the 15-20 law firms that I called that day. I had a wrongful termination case and Bryan really took the time to listen and understand what happened in my situation, and he knows the law to a T. – Shanic M.

I was owed wages and overtime and my employer refused to pay me. So I hired them to file a lawsuit. Bryan easily understood my very complicated case and I am happy with the results. – Ebi Z.

I didn’t have to pay anything, the firm took the whole risk of managing the case. Through the 14 months, Bryan always kept me updated, was very responsive and patient to questions I had. We achieved a resolution out of court in my favor, making me even happier about the experience. – Peter S.

I can honestly say that my experience with Bryan was all the way positive from day one… We had very high expectations about our case and in the end we got what we hoped for. – Roger J.

I won my trial and I got more than I expected. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. Even after everything was finished I could call a few weeks after and ask questions to make sure I was protected and they are more than helpful. – Husain N.

I never had to pay Bryan anything up front, nor was ever pressured to settle early. We ended up settling morning of the trial. Bryan is a really sharp, aggressive, seasoned attorney and knew the law inside and out about whistleblower cases. – Kyle B.

What You Can Expect from McCormack Law Firm

  • We are a boutique employment law firm committed to providing our clients with amazing service. With McCormack Law Firm, you get the best of both worlds—the experience and record you might expect from a much larger firm along with the personalized service for which we are well known.
  • Be wary of massive employment firms where you might meet with an attorney once at your initial consultation and then never again. Many firms like this take on cases indiscriminately and then push for a quick settlement, regardless of what is actually in the best interest of your case.
  • When you hire McCormack Law Firm, you will work closely with an employment attorney through the entire process. They are always directly available to clients and willing to work for them. You can expect nothing less than exceptional service, tailored to you.

When you contact us

California has strong laws in place designed to protect employees. However, filing an employment lawsuit in the state can be a confusing process, and we recognize that taking action against your employer is a big step. There are also strict time limits that apply to employment law cases.

McCormack Law Firm is here to help you. Find out about the key steps involved when filing a claim, as well as what to expect when you contact our law firm.

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