What types of damages can I get in a wrongful termination lawsuit?



What types of damages can I get in a wrongful termination lawsuit?

There are several types of damages available in California wrongful termination cases. If your lawsuit is successful, the court may award you compensatory damages for the harm and losses you suffered due to being wrongfully terminated.

Compensatory damages an employee can recover include lost wages and benefits, emotional distress or mental suffering. The court may also order the employer to pay attorney’s fees and costs. While most Plaintiff’s firms offer a “no pay unless you win” guarantee, an award covering the attorney’s fees may further increase the amount you will recover.

In certain wrongful termination cases, the court may decide to award punitive damages. Punitive damages aim to punish an employer for severe wrongdoing and deter them from engaging in the same behavior in the future. However, they are only awarded in cases that involve particularly offensive actions and where the employer had explicit knowledge of the illegal conduct.

Reinstatement to your former position or a similar job is also a possibility but tends to be uncommon in wrongful termination lawsuits. When reinstatement is unavailable or not desired, courts will often award the wrongfully terminated employee’s projected future earnings as damages.

Many cases settle out-of-court before trial, which may be advantageous to Plaintiffs who need a faster monetary settlement. However, a skilled employment attorney will argue that you should receive the same categories of damages as you would receive if the case went to trial.

The types of damages you receive depend on the circumstances of your case and the legal basis of your wrongful termination lawsuit. Having an experienced employment lawyer representing your interests can greatly impact the amount of compensation you receive. Contact the San Francisco wrongful termination attorneys at McCormack Law Firm to learn more about how we can help you obtain the damages you deserve.

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