My employer denied my request for reasonable accommodation of my disability. What should I do?



My employer denied my request for reasonable accommodation of my disability. What should I do?

If your employer refused to provide reasonable accommodations or failed to discuss them during an interactive process, you may have a disability discrimination claim. While it can be frustrating when an employer denies a valid request for reasonable accommodations, there are steps you can take to assert your rights.

Be sure to document your request for reasonable accommodations as well as your employer’s unsatisfactory response. Putting your request in writing helps establish your side of the story. The paper trail can also serve as a valuable record of the facts if you decide to take legal action against your employer in the future. Address your request to both your immediate supervisor and the human resources department.

You should also consider reaching out to a qualified employment lawyer, particularly when your employer terminates your employment, or won’t let you return to work. An attorney can give you specific advice on your legal options after examining the facts of your case. The lawyer can also help assess your accommodation request and determine whether you have grounds for a disability discrimination claim. You may be able to file a formal complaint with a government agency or bring a lawsuit in court.

Under California law, most employers have a duty to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with known disabilities so that they can carry out their essential job duties. Sometimes employers have valid reasons for refusing reasonable accommodations, known as undue hardship.

Undue hardship can mean an employer may experience excessive costs or significant challenges in providing appropriate accommodations for your disability. If there is no undue hardship, however, your employer is required to enter an interactive process with you to consider suitable options for accommodations, such as purchasing special equipment or modifying the office to make it wheelchair accessible, reassigning you to an open job position that you’re qualified for, or any number of other actions.

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