What should I do if I suspect my employer is withholding wages?



What should I do if I suspect my employer is withholding wages?

Withholding wages is unlawful in California. If you believe your employer is not paying the wages you are owed, you should contact an experienced employment lawyer right away.

Employees should be paid for all hours they have worked, including overtime, commissions and other forms of pay. California law provides workers with important protections from wage theft.

In most cases it is possible to recover unpaid wages up to four years before a wage complaint is filed. California law makes it unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a complaint of unpaid wages. You can also recover unpaid wages from your former employer. If a large number of workers are affected, one or two current or ex-employees may be able to file a class-action complaint to recover lost wages for everyone.

In addition to recovering unpaid wages, you may be able to recover substantial penalties from your employer, and interest on your wages.

If your employer has failed to pay you in full, you have the right to recover the unpaid wages. You may also obtain additional damages from your employer for the wage violations.

McCormack Law Firm is experienced in handling all types of wage disputes across the San Francisco Bay Area. If you suspect your employer has withheld your wages, contact us today to discuss your situation with an employment lawyer.

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