Am I entitled to meal breaks and rest breaks if I am working remotely?



Am I entitled to meal breaks and rest breaks if I am working remotely?

Yes, California’s laws on meal and rest breaks apply to employees who are working remotely. Employers are required to provide proper meal and rest breaks to remote workers, but only if they are non-exempt employees.

Employers may find it challenging to monitor the breaks of workers when they are not physically present in the workplace. However, they are legally required to keep accurate time records of the hours that employees work, including meal and rest breaks.

Employers should have clear meal and rest break policies for remote work arrangements. The policies should address missed or shortened breaks, including premium pay for workers who miss meal periods.

If you are not being given proper meal breaks and rest breaks as required under California law, talk to an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer. McCormack Law Firm can answer your questions and pursue compensation on your behalf if you have a valid wage and hour claim.

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