Is my employer allowed to deduct tips from my paycheck?



Is my employer allowed to deduct tips from my paycheck?

No, it is unlawful for California employers to deduct or withhold tips from an employee’s paycheck. The law gives workers the right to keep all the tips they earn.

Businesses are barred from forcing workers to share any portion of tips with them or from offsetting tips against regular wages. Employers must maintain thorough records of all tips received. State labor regulators take tip law violations very seriously.

Workers may be eligible to take legal action if their employer illegally deducted tips from their paycheck. Some legal options include bringing a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner’s Office or filing a lawsuit against the employer.

If you suspect your employer has violated tip laws, contact McCormack Law Firm. A knowledgeable San Francisco employment lawyer can help you understand how various tip laws apply to your situation and hold your employer accountable.

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