Does my employer have to pay me for off-the-clock work?



Does my employer have to pay me for off-the-clock work?

Yes, employers must pay employees for all the hours they work. In California, it is unlawful for employers to require employees to perform any form of unpaid off-the-clock work, even for short periods.

Workers must be paid for all off-the-clock work the employer either knew or should have known about. This includes time spent completing duties before or after regular work hours. The rule applies even if your employer did not authorize the additional time or did not record it properly on timecards.

Some common examples of off-the-clock work include putting on uniforms before a shift begins, answering short calls or emails after clocking out, preparing a worksite before clocking in or returning equipment at the end of a workday. Employees should also be paid for time spent waiting for and undergoing security checks.

Sometimes employers will force their employees to work extra hours without pay. In other cases, off-the-clock work may occur in subtler ways. For example, an employer may assign a worker more tasks than they can complete during a regular workday, or the employee may be asked to start work early but clock in later.

If you have been forced to work off the clock without proper pay, you should discuss your situation with an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer. McCormack Law Firm can advise you of your legal rights and help you recover the unpaid wages.

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