Is my employer allowed to deduct anything from my paycheck?



Is my employer allowed to deduct anything from my paycheck?

California employers can make paycheck deductions only in very limited circumstances. They may be lawfully permitted to deduct or withhold wages from an employee’s paycheck for the following reasons:

  • State or federal law authorizes or requires the deductions.
  • The employee has provided written consent to cover insurance premiums or contributions to benefit plans.
  • To cover pension, welfare or health contributions authorized under a wage or collective bargaining agreement.

Some paycheck deductions often made by employers that can be illegal include payroll mistakes, partial-day absences, gratuities, business expenses, and costs of medical or physical examinations required by law or as a condition of employment. A company may only deduct the cost of a uniform, equipment or tools from a final paycheck if the items are not returned and the worker gave prior written consent.

If you believe your employer has unlawfully deducted wages from your paycheck, contact an experienced San Francisco employment attorney. Your employer may face penalties in addition to the wages owed to you. McCormack Law Firm can help you figure out if you have a valid claim.

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