How much time do I have to file a wage claim in California?



How much time do I have to file a wage claim in California?

Wage claims must be filed within a strict timeframe, known as a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for filing wage claims in California is typically three years from when the most recent violation took place, but in most cases, a skilled employment lawyer can extend the limit to four years before a lawsuit is filed. The four-year time limit applies to most wage violations, including claims for overtime, commissions, minimum wage, and failure to provide meal and rest breaks. 

It is important to file a wage claim as soon as possible, or you could lose your right to claim any unpaid wages from before the statute of limitations period. Additionally, you may have other related employment claims that have their own time limits. In addition to recovering your unpaid wages, an attorney with in-depth knowledge of California employment law can obtain extra penalties and damages that may significantly increase the value of your claim.

Do not delay in speaking to an experienced employment law attorney. A lawyer can help ensure you meet the deadlines for filing a wage claim or lawsuit so that your rights are preserved. Contact McCormack Law Firm today to learn more.

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