What are my rights regarding my final paycheck once I quit my job?



When you quit your job in California, your employer is required to follow certain rules regarding your final paycheck. If you quit your job voluntarily without giving notice, your final paycheck is due within 72 hours of your quitting. If you provide your employer with at least 72 hours advance notice of your resignation, your final paycheck is due on your last day of work.

Your final paycheck should include all wages earned up to your last day of work, including any unused vacation days or paid time off that you are entitled to. California considers accrued but unused vacation time as wages. Employers must also reimburse workers for any owed business expenses or earned commissions.

Employers are allowed to make certain authorized deductions from a worker’s final paycheck, such as legally required taxes or court-ordered child support. However, any deductions should comply with California labor laws.

If your employer fails to provide your final paycheck within the specified timeframe, they may face penalties. The penalties can include the continuation of your daily wages for up to 30 days, known as waiting time penalties.

Employers are required to keep accurate records of the hours you worked and the wages you earned. If any disputes arise about your final paycheck, having proper documentation is important.

Additionally, it is unlawful for employers to attach any conditions to your final paycheck. For example, they cannot withhold your final paycheck until you sign some paperwork, pay for alleged damage to company equipment, or hand in your uniform.

Workers deserve full and timely payment of their wages. If you believe your employer is not following the appropriate guidelines for providing your final paycheck, contact McCormack Law Firm immediately. Our San Francisco employment lawyers will ensure your rights are protected and help you recover your owed wages.

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