How can a lawyer help with my claim for unpaid wages?



How can a lawyer help with my claim for unpaid wages?

If you have been denied the wages you are owed, an experienced employment lawyer can hold your employer accountable. Before moving forward with a wage theft claim, an attorney can help you determine the best option for recovering compensation in your situation.

A successful wage theft lawsuit requires an extensive understanding of labor laws. With a skilled employment lawyer representing your interests, you maximize your chances of receiving compensation. The attorney can file your claim in a timely manner and guide you through every step of the legal process, answering any questions you may have.

Importantly, you may be able to recover much more than your unpaid wages. Your employer may owe you interest on your unpaid wages. If the employer’s failure to pay you wasn’t by some legitimate accident or excusable mistake, you may obtain liquidated damages doubling the amount you are owed. And there are extra penalties for inaccurate wage statements; 30 days of extra pay if you weren’t paid all due wages at termination; and other laws that may increase the amount you can recover. A skilled employment attorney can identify all the different laws that apply to your situation to obtain the maximum possible damages.

A lawyer will be able to identify other sources of wage theft or unlawful pay practices that may initially have been overlooked. For example, you may also have a retaliation claim against your employer if you were fired for complaining about unpaid wages. Or you may have a claim for missed meal and rest breaks. If your case involves coworkers who have suffered systemic wage theft, an attorney may advise you on whether a class-action lawsuit may be beneficial.

With an employment attorney handling your wage dispute, you do not have to worry about standing up to your employer. The lawyer will gather evidence and craft an effective legal strategy for your case.

Employees who believe their employer has withheld wages or committed other forms of wage theft should contact a skilled employment lawyer for legal advice. McCormack Law Firm has experience helping workers recover the wages they have earned. Contact us today to discuss your next steps.

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