What types of damages can I get in a sexual harassment lawsuit?



What types of damages can I get in a sexual harassment lawsuit?

California workers can recover economic damages and emotional distress damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Punitive damages may also be awarded if the employer acted with malice, oppression or fraud.

Economic damages compensate an employee for her financial losses due to the sexual harassment. Types of economic damages include lost wages, promotions, and benefits. For example, if a worker quits their job after being subjected to sexual harassment at work, she may recover damages for the wages she would have earned if her employment had continued.

Sexual harassment also affects mental health and well-being. Emotional distress damages compensate an employee for the pain and suffering, stress and mental anguish suffered because of the unlawful workplace harassment.

Punitive damages aim to punish an employer for especially egregious misconduct and get them to take sexual harassment complaints seriously in the future. These damages may be awarded in cases where the employer active with oppression, fraud or malice. An employer may be liable for punitive damages if they were aware of sexual harassment in the workplace and failed to take steps to stop it from occurring. The employer may also have to pay punitive damages if it fired the employee for reporting sexual harassment.

If you win your sexual harassment lawsuit at court, you may be awarded attorney’s fees and costs. However with the McCormack Law Firm, there are no fees unless you win.

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, get in touch with the San Francisco employment lawyers at McCormack Law Firm. We are available to answer your questions, inform you of your options, and help you determine what damages you may be entitled to, depending on the facts of your case.

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