SavaSeniorCare Wage & Overtime Violations Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed against SavaSeniorCare for its failure to provide uninterrupted meal periods, rest breaks, overtime pay and other wages to employees.

San Francisco employment law firms McCormack Law Firm and Wynne Law Firm have filed a class action lawsuit against SavaSeniorCare alleging, among other things, that the nursing home operator unlawfully failed to pay overtime to its employees for all hours worked and denied employees meal and rest breaks during the work day. The complaint alleges SavaSeniorCare’s actions were in violation of California labor laws and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Plaintiffs’ allege SavaSeniorCare deducted 30 minutes of pay for meal periods not taken and employees were not paid overtime compensation for all hours worked over 40 per week. The nursing home chain has allegedly engaged in such illegal employment practices for years, impacting employees nationwide.

About SavaSeniorCare

SavaSeniorCare is one of the largest nursing home providers in the United States. The company owns and operates a chain of more than 200 residential care and rehabilitation facilities nationwide, with seven centers located in California. Although SavaSeniorCare has faced legal action for the neglect and abuse of its nursing home residents in the past, this employment lawsuit aims to hold the company accountable for injustices caused to its employees.

Wage Violations

Both California and federal laws require the timely payment of all wages that an employee is owed.

Employees are legally allowed to recover money for unpaid wages. Here are three key wage violations named in the lawsuit against Sava Senior Care:

  • Overtime: A non-exempt employee typically must be paid 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in one workweek.  In California employees must also be paid at the overtime rate if they work over eight hours in a workday. In this class action lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that SavaSeniorCare failed to pay overtime compensation to its non-exempt employees for all hours worked.
  • Meal periods and rest breaks: California non-exempt employees have the right to take a 30 minute unpaid meal break for every 5 hours worked. They are also entitled to a 10 minute rest period every four hours worked, or any fraction of time above two hours.  Plaintiffs allege that SavaSeniorCare not only failed to provide its non-exempt employees with uninterrupted meal and rest breaks, but deducted 30 minutes of pay for meal periods that were not taken.
  • Wage statements: In California, employers are required by law to provide their non-exempt employees with accurate itemized wage statements. The statements must properly show the number of hours worked, pay rate and the resulting total pay.  Plaintiffs allege that SavaSeniorCare failed to report the correct amount of hours worked on employees’ wage statements.

When a large group of employees experiences wage and hour violations, combining their claims together in a class action lawsuit is an effective way of seeking just compensation and making the employer end their wrongful employment practices. Despite being such a large and well-known nursing home company, SavaSeniorCare is not paying its employees the wages they have rightfully earned.

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